We believe we are stronger together.

Each of us may stand valiantly in the face of struggles, but we are far stronger and more effective when we stand together.  In order to do this, we need to acknowledge one another and learn to trust one another.  

The heartbeat of LoveOrange, and its various initiatives, was crafted specifically to facilitate the Christ following churches of Orange to come together to love this city to wholeness as they partner and work alongside the civic and educational leadership as well as the marketplace.

When we come together, as His body in unity and oneness, to pray and care for this city, His love will be shown and demonstrated to the world around us. Though we pray for the body of Christ as a whole, we have been entrusted with this city to pray for His will to be established here, believing that what God is accomplishing here will spread throughout our county, state and nation.  

As Christ Followers seeking to make a difference in this world, our highest vision and goal is to know God and to partner with Him in the advancement of His kingdom on this earth through prayer and social works of justice. Prayer is the firm foundation upon which all we do is built and without it, we limit the work of God. Prayer is our lifeline of communication and relationship with God.

Our objective as LoveOrange is to keep our focus on the main reason of why we do what we do.

Ways for You to Get Involved

Prayer is more than a value we believe in at LoveOrange – we see it as the most critical element to our effectiveness. Here are several ways for you to get involved in praying collectively for our city.

Orange Prayer Army - Our desire is to gather an army of intercessors together in agreement who will pray for Orange on a regular basis, and also lift LoveOrange up as we work to facilitate greater unity and collaboration in the city.

Orange's own House of Prayer: Cedar House - a neutral space to train and equip God’s people in prayer, walking in the Spirit, worship and the arts. Click here to learn more!

Monthly Prayer Sheet - Coming Soon

Monthly Pastor's Prayer Gathering – 8:30am on the 1st Thursday of each month (location changes monthly)

National Day of Prayer – Help create a collective event for our city on this first Thursday in May. Get more info here!

Seek Week - churches across different cities in OC joining together in united worship & prayer (Nov. 2022). To get more info, click here.

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