Schools in Orange are facing a very high student to teacher ratio and many students need positive relationships, role models and academic assistance. Our schools are requesting help to meet this incredible challenge.

Over the years, many schools have had projects a part of the Love Our Cities movement, but they’ve been mainly manual labor projects. As we have talked with many principals and administrators, we discovered that the biggest volunteer need our schools have is for Classroom Helpers and Mentors.

Students need role models in their lives who tell them, “I am proud of you”, “You are doing a great job”, “I believe in you”, etc. Unfortunately, so many kids today are not getting enough of this encouragement and it has a devastating impact on their lives.

Following the lead of school volunteers efforts around the country, we present Love Our Schools … championing the need for thousands of Classroom Helpers and Mentors in our schools!

Can you donate at least 1 hour per week to be a volunteer?
Message us here for how you can get involved.