The City of Orange is the capital of Orange County Texas is about 2 hours east of Houston and received 6 inches more rain than Houston did.  85% of the homes and business received water damage.  Orange Texas is about a quarter the population of Orange, CA but has a similar heart and passion.  Here is their city website banner:

The churches in Orange, CA are rallying efforts to get teams to help rebuild Orange, TX.  Keep your eye on this spot as we hope to be posting new trips monthly hosted by various different congregations in our city.  If your congregation is interested  in hosting a trip, please call 714-633-3351 or email

TRIP DATES:             PURPOSE:                      TARGET:_______Est. Cost:_____Sponsors:__________

  • September 26-28      Pastors Research Trip       Orange, TX         $300                Bridge Community & The Beacon 
  • October                   Restoration                                                                       St. John's Lutheran