Friday Night Family Dinners


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Project Leaders:

Jeff Yim


Family CareCenter (FCC) is an emergency shelter specifically designed for families (not individuals) experiencing homelessness. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FCC has needed to extend its hours of operation. This expansion of hours has stretched thin the resources and budget of FCC.

FCC is in need of volunteers (individuals or groups) to provide Friday night dinners to the 50 clients (adults and children) of FCC beginning June and continuing through the end of the acute phase of the pandemic.

If you would like to provide a Friday night dinner, please sign up and you will be contacted to coordinate a date and time.


- Dinners must be restaurant bought. - Dinners must feed a total of 50 people (adults and children).

- Dinners must include some protein, a starch/carbohydrate, and vegetables.

- If you would like to financially contribute toward a dinner without actually buying any food, go to and designate ‘Missions’ and tribute code ‘FCC’ when you give.

- In-kind donation receipts are available upon request.

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