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A crisis demands a timely response. Orange is blessed with great non-profits, churches, city staff, and schools. For the last decade, collaboration has catalyzed some great relationships and made a collective impact. The Love Orange platform provides us with a one-stop-shop for needs to be shared and met. Leadership from 1 Church in Orange, and the City of Orange will be collaborating to provide the most straightforward access for those in our churches and city to respond and love their neighbor. It's simple, click on PRAY, DONATE, or VOLUNTEER. Together we can help each other not only get through this but hopefully, flourish.


Join with churches across Orange in resonse to the devastating impact of this crisis.


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What would happen if our entire community came together to help one another— from businesses and residents, to schools, service groups, and the faith community? Orange is adding its name to the growing list of cities who are part of OC United’s “Unite for Cities” Initiative. With the support of OC United, and our growing list of sponsors, from businesses, individuals, and churches, we are providing opportunities for residents to give back to their community through city wide serve days and other volunteer opportunities. Find out how you can make a real difference in Orange today.